Who are We

Why Shashad.com?

We pride our self as one of the best online classified sites. Users from all over the world can sell and buy anything from used mobiles, vehicles, bikes, jobs, services, electronic and home appliances, Furniture, sports and hobbies, books and magazines, fashion and beauty and kids related items. Users can find many other interesting offers here at Stashad.com cheaper than the local and other online stores.

Online Support

As a buyer or seller users have full access to the online support. You can contact online support 24/7. Users can also call us on (NUMBER HERE) and email us at info@stashad.com. Social media users can contact us on our official Facebook account as well @stashAdforfree.

Sponsor ads:

We also have the opportunity of sponsor ads for the users. Users can get sponsor ads on our social media pages and website as well by following very simple criteria.


If you are brand or company you can also contact us to publish your ads on stashad.com. We have fixed a special place for the advertisement on different pages of the website.