Terms and Services

By understanding our terms and conditions you can access website easily. You need to agree to our terms and conditions in order to use the website otherwise you shell not use this website. So following are the terms and conditions you need to follow and read before visiting our website.

User Submissions:

The user needs to submit the correct email address with the correct contact details. It is also against our terms and service that using someone else email address for creating an account on stashad.com. The owner of the account is responsible for all the activities of the account. Users need to contact us immediately if you found anything unauthorized activity in their accounts.

User Rights:

You have all rights to the information you shared on our website and you are responsible for all the action and reaction related to that information.

Trademark and Copyrights:

All the content website design and data of the website is protected by the Pakistan Copyright law. All rights are reserved by stashad.com.

Ad Posting Policies:

We have following policies for users who post ads on our website:

a- Duplication of an ad is not allowed on shashad.com

b- Offensive content like anger hate disgust or attack on someone personality is not allowed on stashad.com

c- Fake ads are also strongly not allowed on our website.

d- All ads which are created by the users are subject to moderation and after that they will get approval if they followed all the polices of stashad.com

e- User ad will be deleted after a period of one month or any other set by the stashad.com

f- Shashad.com reserved all rights to delete the content or ads of users if we find them violating the rules set by stashad.com

g- Violation of the rules by the users result in a temporary or permanent block of a user account.