Privacy policy

The privacy policy of stashad.con contains the information that we collect when users visit our website and create accounts. We protect the privacy of the users when users visit the website.

Following are the things that we store when user visit our website.

Log File:

We use the log file to store the information of the users. The log file contains your email address, contact information, IP address and Browser information. We also keep information about your number of visits at


Our website uses Google Analytics to track the information of users who visit our website. We also use cookies to store information. The information contains the pages you visit, user interests and other similar information which are used for 3rd party advertisements. Cookies also help us to improve the user experience on the website.


We protect the security of our user’s data. We have taken great measures to protect unauthorized access or use of data by the others or by the company.

User Rights:

Users can contact us to make changes in the data which we have for a specific user. You can also contact us to stop using your data for any marketing purposes or newsletters as well.